A world without fear

of disease or infection

The Yradiant Story

Yradiant is a free interpretation of the word “irradiant”, which means “emitting rays of light” or “serving to illuminate or brighten.” Through better choices in infection control, we seek to provide hope and remove fear by improving, protecting & saving lives.


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Our Vision

“Contributing to a

world without fear of

disease or infection.”

Our Purpose

“Protecting lives & improving

well being through biocidal

innovation & education.”

The War on Spores

Firmly in our sights in the struggle against deadly germs, are spores and biofilms. These are the hidden enemy.


Current infection control products & methods are either not effective enough, or have too many toxic & undesirable side-effects.


By combining new biocidal and bioscience technologies, and applying them in non-conventional ways, Yradiant can make a real difference to millions of lives.

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